November 24, 2003

Changi International Airport

I am currently at Changi International Airport, Singapore. Waiting for my next flight to Jakarta. It is 2:16 AM local time and I am using their e-hub FREE internet access terminal. My next flight is at 8:00 AM, so I have several hours to spend. I think I'm gonna have a massage and a shower (These ones aren't free though... :-) )

It took 12 hours flight from SFO to Incheon, Korea, and another 7 hours from there to Changi. My next flight is only 1 and a half hour. So, it won't ve so bad.

I am so excited (I think...) Haven't seen my family in Jakarta for a long time (4 years.) It's going to be the first day of Eid celebration whnen I get there. My family will going to pick me up after the morning Eid prayer.

Okay, I guess that's it for now. Somebody is waiting to use this terminal.

PS: This is the most hi-tech airport I'have ever been (granted I haven't been to many International airport.) They have free handheld/PDA charging station and Wireless Access for PC and PDA (S$6/30 minutes). Cool!

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November 17, 2003

Question I hate

Note: excuse my colorful language...

When are you coming home?

I hate it when somebody who doesn't know me ask this kind of shit. DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING!!! How do you know where my 'home' is? YOU DON'T KNOW ME. DO NOT JUDGE ME OR ASSUME ANYTHING!!!


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November 13, 2003

Received my Melody DVD


I finally received my Melody DVD from the Netherland. It cost me $50. I bought it from this nice lady that I met on eBay.

The bad news is that Power DVD could not recognized the DVD format, but the good news is that it doesn't have regional code and works with regular DVD player.

I'll be watching this movie tonight... :-)

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November 11, 2003


\Self"ish\, a. Caring supremely or unduly for one's self; regarding one's own comfort, advantage, etc., in disregard, or at the expense, of those of others.

Unselfish: Caring supremely or unduly for other's; regarding other's comfort, advantage, etc. in disregard, or at the expense of yourself.

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November 05, 2003

The Future of Storage


I came accross this article from eWeek.

The IBM Almaden Research Center has been working on a prototype storage system called Collective Intelligent Brick (CIB), formerly known as IceCube. It comprises a series of stand-alone cube-shapped storage servers. The cubes, or bricks, can be connected to one another by stacking them atop one another or attaching them side by side without cable to form a large Rubik's Cube-like storage system.

"Bricks connect to one another via capacitive coupling, a technology that uses a thin layer of electrical material on the face connecting plate instead of a cable..."

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