September 11, 2003

9/11 Anniversary

Today marked the second anniversary of 9/11, and I started listening to NPR again after a long break.

On KQED's Forum today they were talking about the current state of the nation (economy, politic, etc.) and on the second half of the show they were taking calls from listener to talk about how 9/11 has personally changed their lives. Lots of caller talked about their personal experience and loss. (Not surprisingly, there were also lots of Bush bashing.)

Where was I when 9/11 happened?

I woke up that morning to the sound of Lisa Kreisler announcing the first crashed on WTC. They weren't so sure if that's an accident or a terrorist attack. I jumped out of the bed, went downstair and turned on the TV. I watched the second plan crash on the tower ini horror. Boy, was I panic when I heard the news guy said "We Are Being Attacked". What was I going to do?

I stayed in front of the TV until about 8:30 AM, and then went to work. It's funny because it felt like nothing big happened. Nobody said anything. They were busy (or pretend to be) doing their own thing. Beau came in a little later, and he didn't know what had happened. After George and I told him, he turned on the the TV in the advertising room, and we spent that day watching the news while working. Everyone comes to our ofice to watch the news at lunch time, and Deb broke down in tears at one point.

The next morning have American flag everywhere. On their desk, office door, car, etc. Beau even printed out small flags and gave them to everyone. Early in the morning G told us not to turn on the TV because he doesn't want people to come to our ofice and not working. He bassically treated us like little kids... What a Jerk!

Have 9/11 changed me?

Somewhat! I started listening to talk show radio. NPR, KQED, and KPFA. And also I started paying more attention to the middle east news and american politics.

yada... yada... yada...

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