September 11, 2003

New Blog

This is my second attempt to set up my blog site. I was too lazy to write on my first blog, it had only three or four entries and lasted only a few weeks. I hope this will last longer :-)

It is 6:22 PM according to my PC clock and I am still at work. I finished lots of photos for the catalog and added 8 new product pages for the website today. Another productive day!

I thought I setup a new blog before I go home ... a real Blog! LOL. So this is it! My new rants and ramblings blog site powered by MovableType (Thanks to Mena and Ben from Six Apart! )

Alrighty! This is my first entry. I'll write some more later. Going home now...


Posted by rvn at September 11, 2003 06:18 PM
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