October 18, 2003

Asian American Idol @ the Mezzanine

Went to the Mezzanine last night with Jin and James to see round 2 of the Asian American Idol. It's okay 'lah'. More like a Karaoke contest to me :-) There were 10 contestants but only two that I think are good (of course I only saw contestatn number 4 through 10).

The event is only one hour (10 - 11), but we stayed there until 1:30. Jin gave me a Hennessy shot (actually it's half shot of Henessy), which remind me of Ciandra. We used to buy that when we were roomies in Santa Clara.

Before we went home, we ate at Yuet Lee AKA Warung Ijo in the China town district. We had Clam with black bean sauce, Kay Lan, and beef something (I think it's called Peking something). Good food and pretty cheap.

Posted by rvn at October 18, 2003 09:54 AM
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