October 13, 2003

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Okay, I'm back. I've been missing for a week, because I had a cold, right after I got back from my Fresno weekend... :-(

So, here's what's been happening this week:

The Governator of California
Gray Davis was recalled last Tuesday and Arnie won the ellection. Damn Republican!

Pallace Korean BBQ
Cyn, Dex, Cherry, and I went to dinner at The Pallace Korean BBQ Wednesday night. Nice Dinner. Good food. Enjoyable Conversation. Next outing: Todai Seafood

DVD Marathon
Jin and I were going to see Kill Bill on Friday night, but when we went there the theater is already packed. We exchanged our tickets to House of the Dead, but then Jin didn't feel well, so we went to Blockbuster, pickup some movies and went home. We watched The Evil Dead, House of 1000 Corpses, and Malibu Most Wanted.

I was feeling better that day, but when I woke up Saturday morning, I started feeling headache. So I ended up staying home all weekend (I was supposed to go to the Asian American Idol). I watched Confidence, and four episodes of Sex and The City Season Four. I didn't go out until Sunday eveneing to go to Tante Meekness place to fix her internet problem.

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