October 01, 2003

Dream PDA


I've been looking to replace my old Palm III for a long time (I had that PDA since 1998, it's time for me to upgrade.) I thought about Sony Clie, Sharp Zaurus and even Pocket PC devices (iPaq or Axim).

Today PalmOne introduced two new Tungstens (Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E) and a Zire (Zire 21). I like T3 a lot. It has 400MHz Intel XScale™, 64MB of storage, and the feature that I like a lot is the screen size, which has 320x480 resolution (when opened) and you can rotate it to landscape view.

I went to Palm's Corner at Valley Fair Mall today and tried it. Very Cool!!! I like it a lot. I have added it to my Amazon wish list. So if any of you are feeling generous today. Please feel free to buy it for me... :-).

Oh, and if you buy one one for yourself after you read my blog, please make sure you credit me when you validate your product. My Palm Champion email address is aviheidir@hotmail.com. :-)

Posted by rvn at October 1, 2003 09:19 PM
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